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Bain Capital’s New Focuses On The Asian Materials Industry

FILE PHOTO: A reporter raises his hand to ask a question during a news conference by Bain Capital LP Managing Director Yuji Sugimoto (not in the picture) in Tokyo, Japan October 5, 2017. REUTERS/Kim Kyung/File Photo

Bain Capital’s Tender Offer with Hitachi Materials

Bain Capital has recently announced two new investments on two different Asian materials industry. The multi-assets private equity firm has announced their investments in Hitachi Metals earlier this year on April 28th. Hitachi and Bain Capital have agreed to a Tender Offer for common stock by a Bain Capital Private Equity-led Consortium. Bain Capital will provide with fundings, consultation services and management to the tender offering company. A Tender Offer is a type of bid to purchase some or all of the stock in a co…

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