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Tough Lessons For EXXON On Climate Change Activism

Climate change is the need of the hour. Investors are increasingly demanding attention towards sustainable finance. Climate activism has grown globally. Climate activism is making its move towards the corporate world

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.

Though, being the world’s largest international oil and gas company, Exxon lost to investment firm Engine no. 1. But its purpose is to build long-term value. This they aim to do by driving positive impact through active ownership. But on 26th May 2021, Exxon fought and lost to Engine no. 1.

Although Engine no. 1 has a small stake of 0.02% in ExxonMobil, they are making an impact. Ever since it formed, the company motto has been to “Reenergize Exxon”. So this has been the name of it…

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