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R-Zero Has Earned $41.5M For World First Automated Disinfection EcoSystem

Bio-safety technology company, R-Zero has earned $41.5 million in early stage funding. Dedicated to reducing the spread of infectious disease, the company is the first of its kind. Provided by World Innovation Lab (WiL), John Doerr, DBL Partners and SOSV/HAX, the new capital will enable the world’s first continuous, automated disinfection ecosystem to develop.

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Proceeds the company has earned will also help establish the new standard for human health and safety in public spaces. While the allure of a closer world post-pandemic was a big draw to investors, R-Zero’s roadmap wowed as well. Partner at WiL, Steve Pretre believes that the company’s innovations will redefine post-COVID-19 standards for the workplace, as well as other pu…

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