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Floyd Raises $15 Million Series B Funding

Floyd Incorporated raised US$ 15 million to expand its sustainable furniture. Floyd Inc. is a Detroit-based company founded by Alex O’Dell and Kyle Hoff in 2014, with a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise US$ 18,000 to get off the ground. It has come a long way since then. A company that began its operations by producing adjustable table legs has now broad-based its operations. Floyd’s products range from sofas to beds to storage units and many more. Its growth has been staggering, notably as the company grew 100% in 2020.

Floyd Inc. raised a US$ 15 million Series B funding led by Walden Venture Capital Investments. Similarly, other notable financiers were Beringea LLC, La-Z-B Investments, 14W, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. This brought Floyd’s total fu…

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