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The Ascent of the Fintech Industry During a Global Pandemic

What is Fintech?

Any integration of technology while providing financial services can fall under the realm of Fintech. Financial Technology or Fintech aims at automating and reducing the delivery time of financial services. Introduced in the 21st century, the fintech sector is steadily growing. According to market research, the global fintech sector has an expected market value of $305 Billion by 2025. This would only be possible if the CAGR is approximately 22.17% during 2020-2025. A large share of users of Fintech would include B2B, B2C and the end customers.

Examples of FinTech

The main products of Financial Technology would include mobile banking, lending of credit, cryptocurrencies and blockchains, insurance, payments etc. The banking companies are able to cater to their cu…

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