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Pressure BioSciences Finalizes Asset Acquisition of Global Eco-Friendly Agrochemical Supplier

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB:PBIO) announced on Wed. April 14 that it has finalized its plan to acquire global eco-friendly agrochemical supplier. The company initially announced the acquisition in February, stating it had signed a letter of intent to purchase assets of the agrochemical supplier.

This letter of intent outlined Pressure BioSciences’ plan to purchase the assets of the agrochemical supplier. This acquisition will allow Pressure BioSciences to enter the agrochemical market. Pressure BioSciences will be able to offer in-demand alternatives to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Acquisition Details

Both companies expect to complete definitive documents and to simultaneously sign and close the deal within four weeks. Following this closure, the company plans to…

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