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BeyondID Earns $9M in Series A Financing

Cyber-security start-up, BeyondID, earned $9 million in a series A financing round led by Boston-based Tercera. The company is a leading System Integrator (SI) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) for cybersecurity and cloud services. BeyondID is also Platinum Services partner for Okta. Additionally, the company specializes in Identity and Access Management, Secure App Modernization, Zero Trust Security, Cloud Migration, and Integration Services.

The start-up assists other companies in acquiring, deploying, and managing best-of-breed cybersecurity and cloud services. Thus allowing them to prepare for future risks, and become both more secure and more agile. BeyondID was unavailable for comment, in a recent press release however, CEO and co-founder Arun Shrestha expressed excitement.

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