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Cutback Coach Raises $3.1 Million in Seed Funding

Cutback Coach, an app to designed to curb alcohol consumption earned $3.1 million in funding. Cutback Coach’s electronic system is fully customizable, allowing users to cultivate a healthier relationship around their drinking, and avoid the health risks associated with excess.

California-based Uncork Capital led the funding round, seeing great potential in the start-up’s ability to improve lives. Additionally, Cutback Coach has seen tremendous participation from a number of renowned professionals in the health and wellness industry. These include best-selling author, Nir Eyal, as well as the founders and CEOs of MyFitnessPal and FitBit, respectively.

Much like the wearable fitness trackers, Cutback Coach monitors a users’ alcohol intake. Which, in turn, allows them make better deci…

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