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Space Perspective Inks $7 Million in Seed Capital

The idea of space tourism sounds very much like science fiction. Space Perspective, however, is working to make it a reality. The Florida-based start up received $7 million in seed capital from a number of investors. These include Base Ventures and Prime Movers Lab.

Anton Brevde, Partner at Prime Movers Lab, praised the company’s founders, Jane Poynter and Taber Maccallum. Poynter is the former Chairman, Co-founder, and President of Paragon Space Development Corporation; Maccallum acted as Co-founder, CEO, and CTO of the company. Maccallum also broke the Red Bull Stratos Spacedive record in 2014. He served as the CTO and safety officer for StratEx, and successfully launched Google Executive Alan Eustace to the edge of space under a balloon.

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