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Asthma-Centered, Kinaset Therapeutics, Announces Funding

Newly-founded biopharmaceutical company, Kinaset Therapeutics, announced $40 million dollars in funding. The company, based in Medfield, Massachusetts, focuses on developing novel therapeutics for raspatory diseases, like severe asthma. The series A financing round, comprised of 5AM Ventures, Atlas Venture, and Gimv, also announced the development of KN-002.

Alongside Vectura Group, the company will develop and commercialize the novel, inhaled small-molecule pan-JAK inhibitor. This new product will treat forms of severe asthma both caused by an underlying conditions and not. Eosinophilic asthma, found in adults, is categorized by characterized by elevated levels of blood eosinophils and fractional exhaled nitric oxide. Additionally, this form accounts for two-thirds of all asthma pati…

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