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Airbnb Approves Private Share Split

Airbnb (NADAQ: AIRB) has approved a 2-for-1 split of privately held shares, effective Tuesday Oct. 27. According to an email reviewed by Bloomberg, Airbnb’s board told several of its shareholders that they will receive two shares for every one they own.

Details of the Share Split

Prior to the split, Airbnb’s shares were valued at $69.76 each as of Sept. 30, up 10.4% compared with $63.15 at the end of Q2. After the split, common shares were worth $34.88 each as of Sept. 30. The market value of the total number of Airbnb’s shares after the split did not change. Bloomberg cited compensation reports to the Internal Revenue Service.

This 2-for-1 split, which is happening two months prior to the company’s planned December IPO, could make it easier for retail investors to participate be…

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