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FireEye Receives $400 Million from Blackstone

FireEye receives a $400 million investment from Blackstone. As a result, FireEye’s shares had a 10 percent increase. The company also announced their acquisition of Respond Software for $168 million, in a separate press release. This will be payment of cash and stocks.

Blackstone is one of the most powerful private equity firms, with a market cap of $67 billion. Along with venture capital firm ClearSky Power & Technology Partners, Blackstone is buying $400 million in FireEye stock. Additionally, FireEye said that the two companies will buy shares of a newly designated 4.5% Series A Convertible Preferred Stock of FireEye. The purchase price is $1,000 per share.

At a conversion price of $18 per share, the Series A Preferred stocks are convertible into common stocks. Viral Pa…

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