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Hisatsugu Nakatani To Become President of SNDS

Hisatsugu Nakatani, the president of NEC Display Solutions (NDS), will serve as the president of Sharp NEC Display Solutions (SNDS). Sharp has bought out 66% of NDS shares. Because of this, Sharp has brought the display company under its umbrella. NDS was changed to SNDS, and is projected to push both companies ahead.

Nakatani, before the beginning of their joint venture, served as the president of NDS. The company’s transition to working with Sharp kept him at the head of the division. The two companies shared a vision of excellent quality products. Subsequently, Nakatani has proven to be the best candidate to lead such a role.

“This joint venture between Sharp and NEC Display Solutions will bring even greater value and benefits to customer and partners,” says Nakatani.


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