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LAVA Therapeutics Advances Novel Immuno-oncology Programs by Raising $83 Million

LAVA Therapeutics has announced that it will invest $83 million as series C financing for advancing novel immuno-oncology programs. This funding will support research on bispecific gamma-delta T-cell engager programs. The result might lead us closer to the treatment for several types of cancers. Some new investors include Sanofi Ventures, BB Pureos Bioventures, Ysios, and Novo Holdings. 

LAVA Therapeutics itself is a company within the biotech sector. It’s one of the pioneers in developing bispecific antibodies for engaging gamma-delta T-cells as a means of cancer therapy. It has recently announced to invest $83 million for backing its platform. 

The leaders of this financing included several investors, with Novo Ventures being the venture arm under Novo Holdings. Other cu…

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