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E-rated Gaming Platform Roblox Begins IPO Filing

Online gaming platform, Roblox is in the process of filing an IPO. Although the company declined to comment, it disclosed in a recent press release that the process has begun. The platform submitted paperwork with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission pertaining to an initial public offering of its common stock.

Released in 2006, Roblox hosts a number of family-friendly user-created games in a multitude of genres. The platform is a free-to-play service with in-game purchases, and its own unique currency, cleverly called “Robux.” Though initially unheard of, the company began to grow rapidly in the mid-2010s.

Like many other gaming platforms, Roblox – often featuring digital characters resembling Lego – has also seen immense success during the quarantine. Games on the Roblox pla…

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