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Sun Kissed Industries Acquires SFL Maven

On Monday Oct. 5, Sun Kissed Industries Inc. announced that it had acquired high-end jewelry company SFL Maven. The deal was a stock-only transaction. Sun Kissed Industries is a popular up-and-coming retailer of CBD products.

A New Direction for Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed released a press release with the news, with CEO Carl Grant stating: “It is with tremendous pleasure that we welcome SFL and its founder, Joe Ladin, on board and integrate SFL into the Sun Kissed family as a new wholly owned subsidiary. SFL is a company of substance and success, with a history of growth and market traction, and we believe we can launch a bright and lucrative long-term future path together in the years ahead.”

Grant continued, noting that the company’s “switch to focusing on acquisitions with substant…

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