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PE Industry is Stabilizing After Covid-19 Hit, Experts Say

According to investors and industry experts, the PE industry is stabilizing after months of struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Four experts gave their opinions on the current state of the PE industry, how portfolio companies are doing, and the issues and key trends that we are seeing now in PE in a webinar on the Scott Becker Leadership Group.

Scott Becker moderated the webinar, and the panel of speakers consisted of Tom Aronson, Partner at Monroe Capital LLC, Brad Burkett, Principal at Match Point Partners LLC, Rick Kes, Partner at RSM US LLP, and Luke J. Mitchell, Managing Director and Partner at Edgemont Capital Partners LP.

The investors say that there was a decrease in activity for PE in March and April when Covid-19 hit. Kes says that this is when they started seeing a …

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