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UPMC Appoints Life Sciences Expert: Cunicelli as President of UPMC Enterprises

The venture capital arm of UPMC is going to see some impactful changes in January 2021. After the whirlwind year that was 2020, Tal Heppenstall will be stepping down as both treasurer and executive vice president of UPMC. Heppenstall is also vacating his position as the president of UPMC Enterprises, which is where Jeanne Cunicelli will step in. 

UPMC Enterprises is the organization’s leader in terms of commercialization and innovation. Cunicelli will be the executive vice president of UPMC. The health system made this announcement on 16th September. 

The healthcare system is making waves. That includes companies that aim to acquire various healthcare units.

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Has Cunicelli Achieved it All?

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