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Acquisition of GrubHub Extended – The Buttonwood Tree

Netherlands-based JustEat Takeaway announced the acquisition of GrubHub for $7.3 billion. JustEat will buy 100 percent of the Chicago-based service in an all-stock merger transaction. The deal, though initially reached in June, has been extended through mid-December of this year.

Similarly to GrubHub, JustEat Takeaway is an online platform, acting as a ‘middle-man’ between local restaurants and their potential clientele. Customers can order meals online, via easily accessible menus, and have food delivered right to their door. JustEat Takeaway also provides its proprietary delivery services to restaurants that do not deliver themselves.

Once completed, the acquisition will mean tremendous growth. The merger of both parties – referred to as the “Combined Group” in a joint press re…

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