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Coca-Cola Struggles with Public Venue Closures, Supply Shortages

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola, Co (NYSE: KO) is another staple of the old normal that struggles to co-exist with COVID-19. Closures at restaurants and bars have significantly cut its sales. But the biggest challenge for the brand has been the shuttering of many public venues — theaters, stadiums, and sporting events — that the company’s profits rely on.

Restaurants, bars, and movie theaters make up around 50% of Coca-Cola’s sales, according to Barron’s. By the end of the second quarter, revenues for the company were down 28% from where they were a year ago, according to Fox Business.

Shortages of necessary supplies due to the pandemic caused additional struggles for the company.

Production Slowed by Supply Chain Disruption

As early as March, the virus began taking a toll on the…

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