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Is Robinhood Moving from No-Fee Stock Trading to IPO?

FinTech giant Robinhood has been on the money with its no-fee stock trading model. During a time of trading volatility, Robinhood is dominating the market in both company valuation and its user base. Financial experts now predict a rise in mergers and acquisitions to stabilize the company’s path to an IPO in the next year.

Company Trajectory and Funding

Founders Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev founded Robinhood in 2013. While competitors target high-net-worth individuals, Robinhood’s no-fee stock trading model and user-friendly mobile app, effectually democratizing trading to the public.

Since its launch, the company raised over $1.7 billion in funding, leading to an $11 billion valuation and roughly 10 million users. Early growth relied on an active younger audience and a diverse rev…

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