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NexHealth Raises $32 Million for Patient Experience Management Platform

Telemedicine’s popularity has skyrocketed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — and NexHealth is already ready. The first Patient Experience Management platform seeks to automate and streamline patient experiences, and now has the funding to do so.

Although the first funding round was in 2016, NexHealth raised $1.5 million in Seed funding. Additionally, the next three rounds of funding produced over $20 million in revenue. As the first Patient Experience Management Platform, servicing millions of patients monthly.

Funding was led by iSeed Ventures, with help from Rubicon Venture Capital, Scott Belsky and Josh Hannah. NexHealth founders are planning to use funds to expand their product and establish its San Francisco location.

NexHealth’s Breakthrough

Founders Alamin Uddin an…

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