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Goldman Sachs Heralds New Normal with Matchmaking App for M&A

Investment bank Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS) is reportedly developing a Tinder-like matchmaking app for M&A.

The app, called Gemini, is an extension of a technology already in use within the company. Gemini will show clients information regarding companies’ various revenue and profit metrics, as well as adherence to environment, social, and governance standards.

COVID-19 Pandemic Attributed to 5-Year Low for M&A

The first two months of 2020 hinted at a strong future for M&A activity. Michael Carr, Goldman’s global co-head of M&A, stated regarding first quarter activity:

“It was the quarter for capital market activity. Companies are making sure their balance sheets are strong and durable for what comes next.”

The second quarter painted a very dif…

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