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Rancher Labs and EQT’s SUSE Join in Digital Transformation Journey

EQT portfolio company, SUSE, today announced the acquisition of Rancher Labs. Together, the companies will focus on accelerating companies’ transitions from traditional on-prem IT infrastructures to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Melissa Di Donato, CEO at SUSE, commented: “The acquisition of Rancher is an important step on SUSE’s growth journey, and it furthers our vision to enable better futures and measurable value for our customers and partners. This acquisition enhances our ability to offer a more comprehensive portfolio, greater customer choice and no vendor lock-in. With the backing from EQT, SUSE and Rancher now set course toward disrupting the market and helping customers accelerate their digital transformation.”

Johannes Reichel, responsible Partner for SUSE at EQT, a…

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