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Private Equity Firms Raise $8.52 Billion in June

In the month of June, private equity firms raised approximately $8.52 billion, according to data tracked by The Buttonwood Tree.

During this period, 66 firms were in the market. 

Funds Overview

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, data tracked by the Buttonwood Tree shows that at least 20% of firms in the market raised growth equity funds. The funds identified as growth equity totaled approximately $1.91 billion. 

Of the 66 firms in the market, the three leading industries included real estate, technology, and healthcare. 

Approximately 12 funds in the real estate industry raised a total of $3.38 billion. Leading firms included: Ares Management ($2.89 billion), GTIS Partners ($166 million), and Trigate Capital ($150 million).

Funds raised within the techn…

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