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T-Mobile Suffers Widespread Service Outages Two Months After Finalizing Merger with Sprint

On Monday June 15, thousands of cell phone users on multiple networks reported outages with their service. Both voice and text service was down across the United States, with T-Mobile (TMUS) eventually emerging as the source of the problems. T-Mobile was working hard to resolve the issue and blamed a widespread “voicing and data issue.”

T-Mobile Addresses Outages

TechCrunch conducted a test to see what was happening. In New York and Seattle, when making a call on a phone that had T-Mobile service, calls would “fail immediately.” Cell service was “intermittent, with bars occasionally dropping to zero or losing access to high-tech data.” There were speculations of a cyberattack, specifically a “massive DDoS attack,” but there is no evidence of this. Customers on other carrie…

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