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Arkin Holdings Raises $140M Biotech Fund

Labeling it the Arkin Bio-Ventures II Arkin Holdings and Pheonix Group has round up $140 million for their second biotech fund. This second fund is more than double their first fund of $60 million more than 4 years ago in 2016.

The first fund was not focused on a particular industry however, much of it went to biotechs with different approaches to treating cancer, including UroGen, Werewolf Therapeutics and Oncorus. They also spent on Karus Therapeutics, which focuses on neuromuscular diseases, and Censa Pharmaceuticals, which works on metabolic disorders.

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The plan is to divvy the $140 million in capital commitments between 10 to 12 private companies working on cutting-edge treatments, such as gene thera…

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